Mon enfance  pour certains d’entre vous a été joyeuse, enrichissante, remplies de souvenirs gaies. Dans une structure familiale stable et solide qui m’assurait sécurité et épanouissement. De moments de tendresse avant d’aller se coucher. Hélas Bernadette, Junior ou encore Alvine n’ont pas connu cette stabilité, pas de tendresse ni d’amour mais de la brutalité et des séquelles. Notre Dame des victoires veille à combler ce vide et renforcer leurs confiances en eux, afin que leurs passés ne définissent pas leurs futurs. Nous souhaitons apporter notre pierre à l’édifice et apporter à ces enfants le confort de plus et la sécurité que peut offrir un foyer sain et chaleureux, grâce à vous et votre soutien.

My childhood as for some of you was joyful, enriching, filled with good memories. In a stable and solid family structure which insured my safety and self-fulfillment. With moments of tenderness before going to bed. Unfortunately, Bernadette, Junior or Alvine did not know this stability, no tenderness or love but the brutality and the insecurity. Notre-Dame of the victories watches to fill this space and to strengthen their trust in them, so that their past do not define their future. We wish to make our contribution and to bring to these children the comfort furthermore and the safety, like a healthy and warm home, thanks to you and your support can offer.

We collaborate with the orphanage Notre-Dame of Victoire which is in Douala. The orphanage is a non-profit social order dedicated only to the humanitarian aid and to the meditation of the children. She works with volunteers who having gone out of the difficult situations and completely restored, are devoted to work for the people who need it the most.

The orphanage supports more than 19 children by giving a vocational training to the young people. As regards the education of the children they are distributed in French-speaking and English-speaking schools, of the CP at the high school. Notre-Dame of the victory so collaborates in their reintegration in the society.

The housse of the orphanage being in poor condition, we set up a fundraising which is going to allow the latter to be equipped with a functional kitchen, toilet and showers, ceiling as well as the material of bedding in good condition.
We also call on to your gratitude, if you have books for children from 3 to 18 years old in good shape who will allow to constitute a library for the children.